Tips for Buying Horse Properties for Sale in Loudoun County VA

horse properties for sale in Loudoun County VA

If you’re looking for horse properties for sale in Loudoun County VA, then you’re in for a treat. The back roads of historic Loudoun County, Virginia, are the perfect place to saddle up and enjoy rolling hills and Revolutionary War-era homes.

Loudoun County is the perfect place to buy horse properties. There are more horses in Loudoun County than in any other county in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you buy property here, you’ll be close to some of the most established, scenic horse trails locally and throughout northern Virginia. You can also enjoy majestic views along the Evergreen Mills Equestrian and Hiking Trail.

Loudon County is host to a wealth of events and attractions geared towards horse lovers, including the Annual Equine Expo held by the Loudoun County Equine Alliance. Loudoun County is also home to a local Hunt Pony Club. In short, horse aficionados have plenty to enjoy in Loudoun County and the surrounding areas. Learn more about Loudoun County’s equestrian event facilities here.

Other reasons to buy horse properties in Loudoun County

If you have your sights set on buying horse property, there are many reasons to consider Loudoun County. Here are a few of them.

Rich culture and opportunity

If you’re a horse lover, then Loudoun county has a lot to offer. Aside from its beautiful countryside, it also has almost 40 wineries, rich soil, and an active agricultural community. Loudoun County also houses the headquarters and major operations of companies such as cloud operations for Amazon Web Services and other high-tech companies. There are plenty of opportunities to establish a career in the area.

Sightseeing and attractions

Loudoun County has a thriving tourist business, and if you live in the area, there is always something to do with the family. The county is home to 93 buildings that are listed on the National Historic Registry. Many of them go back to the roots of the nation. These sites make the perfect backdrop for recreational and horse property. From stately manor houses to historic homes and gardens, there is always something to explore.

Perfect for Washington, D.C. commuters

Loudon County is only a short distance from Washington, D.C., and it is part of the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria Metropolitan area. Yet, the rural back roads and rolling hills seem a world away from the big city. When you look for horse properties for sale in Loudoun County VA, you can have the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the peacefulness of country life situated in beautiful wine country, and you can commute to the metro area for work or play.

Loudoun County VA horse properties for sale
Loudoun County is host to a wealth of events and attractions geared towards horse lovers.

How to choose horse properties for sale in Loudoun County VA

Buying horse property is a big decision. You need to make sure that the property serves your needs now and that it will be able to serve your needs in the future. Here are a few of the most important considerations when looking for horse properties and land for sale in Loudoun County VA.


Location is the most important consideration when buying any land. You want to be close to the activities that you enjoy. If you are a trail ride addict, you want to choose a property that is close to a trail system that you enjoy. If you enjoy contests and hunting, then you might want to check out the local clubs that meet in the area before you make your purchase.

Even if you find your dream property, think about its proximity to work carefully. You might think a longer commute will not bother you, but after you do it for some time, it could become old quickly. Also, you can move a house or barn, but you cannot move land. Make sure that the property meets the goals and objectives you have in mind for your horse property.

Drainage and elevation

The best time to look at a potential horse property is after a good rain. If the property does not have good drainage, installing tiles and other drainage systems can be costly. Look for land with a slope of about two to five percent for the best drainage.

Be careful of low-lying property, especially if the grassland you will be grazing is in the bottomland. You don’t want to have to feed additional grain and supplements just because the property is flooded. You want good drainage, but you also need to look at the proximity of a good water source to the grasslands, too. Rich pastures need plenty of water.

Soil quality

Another thing to check is soil quality. You will need good pasture lands and plenty of them. You should avoid clay soils or soils that are too rocky. Sandy areas should be avoided, too. If it is good land for growing crops, then it is typically good for grazing. Look at the type of grasses and plants that are growing there already. This is your best clue to soil conditions. You can also consult the USDA’s Web Soil Survey.

Check to make sure that there are no plants that are poisonous to horses such as marsh grasses, peach, cherry, and plum trees, nightshades, common horsetail, fleabane, and many others. You do not want to have to fight to control toxic plants on your new property. Mostly, you do not want to have to worry about your horses.

Land use and conservation issues

Hiring a realtor you can trust is essential when you begin to look for horse properties for sale in Loudoun County VA. You need to consider any rules and restrictions that might apply to your property. These regulations can be difficult to find, which is one of the advantages of working with an experienced land real estate agent who is accustomed to researching these issues.

Land use and environmental issues

You might have found your dream farm in the perfect location. Immediately, your mind begins imagining sunset rides through old-growth forests and tall pines.

However, you need to make sure there are no environmental regulations, land conservation, or restrictions for use that could make your dream property less than ideal. Some properties might have restrictions on the numbers and types of animals you can own. A real estate agent often has resources and knows where to go to find out answers to these questions. Make sure you check into them early in the buying process.

Water supply issues

Water supply is important when buying any land, but it is even more important for horse properties. Hauling water manually is a lot of work and time. It will get old quickly, particularly in the winter.

Make certain that there is a water source near the barn and grooming areas. If the property is on well water, be sure the water flows at 10 gallons per minute or more. Also, make sure that the water is safe for you and your animals. A well inspection will ensure the water is safe to drink.

Fence condition and regulations

Check the conditions of all fences. A few repairs are usually not cause for concern. However, replacing long sections of fencing can cost a lot of time and money. Also, some areas have regulations about the type of fencing you can install, setbacks from property lines, and other things. Once again, a good real estate agent will be able to find out additional information about these types of regulations.

Fence on horse property for sale Loudoun County VA
Replacing long sections of fencing can cost a lot of time and money.

Consider the trade offs

It is nice to dream of the perfect horse property, but in reality, it is difficult to find the perfect property. There are always trade-offs. Before you start shopping, consider making a list of what you want and decide which items on the list have the highest priority. Here are some potential trade-offs to consider:

Barn or no barn?

Perhaps you have found a property that has the perfect house, pasture, and riding trails, but the barn is ready to fall down any minute. Are you willing to restore it or build a new one?

Of course, you have to consider whether building a barn is in the budget. In general, it is easier to build a barn than to build a house. However, there are still considerations when building a barn. For instance, a building to house animals might have to meet environmental regulations and minimal stall size requirements. Then again, if you’re a tried and true horse lover, the barn is probably more important than the house!

Future plans

When buying horse property, it is easy to get caught up in the moment when you find the perfect property. However, you need to step back and make sure the property will meet your needs five, ten, or twenty years in the future. Will you expand, or will you want to retire and downsize? Write down your future goals and consider them when looking at your dream property.

Be realistic

The final piece of advice is to be realistic. Take your time looking at the property. Consider your needs and be realistic in your price expectations. Make sure you do not fall in love with the property at the expense of your priorities. This can be hard when it comes to horse properties, but you will have to live with your decision for a long time.

Buying a horse property may be a dream come true, but as you can see, there’s a lot to think about. If you’re ready to begin looking for horse properties for sale in Loudoun County VA, then give me a call at 202-750-4050. Before long, you’ll be well on your way to your dream property and enjoying those long, evening trail rides! 

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