We would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone seeking top quality land brokerage services in Northern Virginia.”

By the time we received Jonathan’s flyer in April 2019 we had been interviewing recommended realtors for several months. We have received many direct solicitations over the years but we were now considering a sale and the clarity of his letter prompted us to contact Jonathan. Although the  particular buyers mentioned in the flyer were no longer in the market, Jonathan described the kind of work he did in land sales. In a follow-up phone call, Jonathan showed that he had already researched our property and realized the complexity of the choices we faced in a sale. By August we had gathered information regarding development options, spoken to numerous county planning officials, surveyors, and engineers, and walked through our house and across our farm with several realtors. But no one seemed sufficiently informed about how the many (and changing) parts that make up a land sale interrelate and consequently could not offer a well-grounded cost/benefit analysis of several options. Even more frustrating, no one expressed enthusiasm for the project coupled with the knowledge that Jonathan had in his initial response to my inquiry. What was evident at our first meeting in August is that Jonathan enjoys his work and that he uses his impressive analytical skills to address the concerns of clients. He came prepared with a notebook of thoughtfully assembled regulations, planning documents, plats, and soil analyses that covered material relevant to options we were considering. This was no slick, corporate-produced proposal but one tailored to our specific needs. It served as a springboard for our first extensive discussion and distinguished him from other realtors. Jonathan’s adept handling of the many aspects involved in the sale supported our initial impression of his capabilities. A realistic outlook of what was attainable tempered his creativity. Jonathan was not only nimble in conceptualizing various options but skilled in following through with the required details. He engaged a number of experienced and cost-effective contractors. He had established relationships through courses with agricultural agents and viticulturists; he was willing to broaden that base and his knowledge by attending an industry meeting with me. His contacts among builders, developers, engineers, surveyors, and inspectors sped the process of getting our property to market. He utilized the latest digital tools with ease. At all times Jonathan was sensitive to our limitations with time, costs, and stamina; he smoothly transitioned as we changed plans. From having an offer far below market value before we engaged a realtor, Jonathan guided the process so that we had three offers within two days of listing that exceeded the list price. And when the sales process lengthened, he remained attentive and upbeat. We saw him interact with a wide range of people and he was always courteous, helpful, and professional. We were delighted to work with Jonathan on the sale of our house and farmland. It was clear to us that land sales in our area are in transition as the size and location of properties as well as the rules regarding development change. Jonathan possesses the interest, analytical ability, interpersonal skills, and tenacity to excel in this area. We would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone seeking top quality land brokerage services in Northern Virginia.
Suzanne Unger

Have you ever paid for a service only to experience buyer’s remorse?

In my experience, buyer’s remorse stems from a lack or accountability, poor communication, or halfhearted delivery of the service.

That’s why I believe it’s important to back up a service offering with a guarantee.

My guarantee is that I will get your property seen by at least 20,000 sets of eyes during the first two weeks on the market. 

If I don’t accomplish that, I will donate $1,000 to the charity of your choice, and you can cancel your listing free of charge.

Of course, the hard work doesn’t stop there. For the duration of the listing I will send you weekly reports with summary statistics quantifying the results of my marketing efforts. I will check in regularly, and I will be easily accessible by phone, text, email, or video chat.

I also promise to not hand you off to a personal assistant.

I don’t know about you, but it really frustrates me when I sign up for a service with a particular person, and then I get handed off to their assistant.

More and more, I see this happening in the real estate industry. Everyone’s time is so “valuable” that they try to outsource everything to their assistants, the end result being a reduced quality of service for the client.

That will not happen with me. If we decide to work together, I promise to give you my undivided attention, and you will be dealing with me and only me.

What will I do to sell your land?

You can download my full land sale marketing plan here, but here’s a short summary of my strategy for selling land and rural properties in Northern Virginia…

Preparing your property for sale

To make sure your property is presented to its best advantage, I will schedule an initial consultation to understand your objectives and identify the unique selling features of your property.

Next, I will spend a few days conducting research at the county health, planning, and zoning departments to verify facts, obtain copies of archived records, and identify any challenges that might need to be addressed before we put your property on the market.

Then I will prepare a summary and evaluation of comparable sales, and we will have a follow up meeting to discuss the results and finalize the marketing strategy.

High quality marketing materials

The quality of marketing materials has a huge impact on how your property is perceived in the market place.

To position your property in the best light, I will pay to have your property professionally photographed, and I will produce a professional aerial video for social media advertising placements.

Where your property is advertised is just as important as the quality of the marketing materials.

As a member of the Realtors Land Institute, the Land.com network, and McEnearney Associates’ Land, Farms, and Estates Division, I can guarantee your property will be advertised on the right platforms and seen the right people.

Social media advertising

Did you know video tours increase listing traffic by 400 percent!?

And did you know 77 percent of today’s real estate shoppers rely on social media during their property search!?

In other words, if your real estate agent isn’t using video and social media to advertise your property, then you’re missing out on a HUGE audience.

My full land sale marketing plan explains exactly what I will do to get your property seen by thousands of social media users every day.

Conventional marketing activities

Call me a dinosaur, but I still believe people direct mail is a powerful marketing tool. In fact, as more and more businesses turn to digital marketing, mail boxes around the country are begging for real mail!

Not to mention, there are still plenty of people out there who look forward to the simple pleasure of checking their mail each day. Let’s use that to your advantage!

I will also place classified ads in local newspapers and gazettes, install “for sale” signs on your property, and present your property to my colleagues during weekly internal sales meetings.

REMEMBER: This is just a short summary of what I will do to sell your property.

For the full length version, be sure to grab a copy of my Land Sale Marketing Plan

Or, if you’d prefer to cut to the chase, you can sign up for a FREE Comprehensive Property Evaluation.

A ten year resident of the National Capital Region, Jonathan began his real estate career in 2013. Initially focused on buying and selling land as an investor, today he represents clients in residential, commercial, and agricultural land and rural property sales throughout Northern Virginia.

He recently joined McEnearney Associates, where he is a member of the Land, Farms, and Estates Division. More than a real estate agent, Jonathan is a life long learner, an educator, a marketer, and an innovator.

Past clients have described Jonathan as “Creative,” “Diligent,” “Efficient,” “Detail Oriented,” “Honest,” “Thoughtful,” “Committed,” “Enthusiastic,” “Responsive,” “Resourceful,” and “Extremely Competent.”

Sell your Nothern Virginia property faster and for a higher price. Give me a call today at 202-750-4050, and let’s discuss your goals!

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