Northern VA Land Markets vs. COVID-19

Back in June I observed there had been a clear uptick in interest in land and rural property sales in western Loudoun County as a result of COVID-19. Now that we are a full six months into the pandemic, I decided to take a closer look at how the coronavirus has affected the broader Northern … Continued

How do appraisers determine land values in Virginia?

To determine land values in Virginia, an appraiser might consider residual land values, potential income from the land, and improvements to the property. Most real estate appraisals focus on improved land that has a home or a business situated on it. However, vacant land may also be appraised before it is bought or sold. If … Continued

Market update & land for sale in western Loudoun County VA

As coronavirus runs its course, there has been a definite uptick in interest in land for sale in western Loudoun County VA. Roughly speaking, western Loudoun County includes everything west of U.S. Route 15, which runs north-south through Loudoun County and loops around the east side of Leesburg. In contrast to eastern Loudoun County, which … Continued

Farm land for sale in Loudoun County VA

As the saying goes, Virginia is for lovers. This is especially true if it’s farm land you’re after. Agriculture is the top industry in Virginia, providing $70 billion to the state’s economy each year. If starting a farm sounds appealing to you, then searching for farm land for sale in Loudoun County VA is a … Continued

What to include in a Northern Virginia land purchase offer

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended as a general guide only. The provisions and contingencies to include in your purchase offer may vary depending on your particular situation and the property you’re purchasing. If you’re shopping for land for sale in Northern Virginia, then the time will come when you have to think about what to … Continued

Land for sale in Leesburg VA

Leesburg is a beautiful historic town located in Loudoun County, just 33 miles northwest of the nation’s capital. It was named after Thomas Lee, an ancestor of the famous Robert E. Lee. Today, Leesburg is a thriving town that offers an escape from city life. However, it is close enough to Washington, D.C. that you … Continued

Farm land for sale in Northern Virginia

Farm land for sale in Northern Virginia

Have you caught the farming bug? Northern Virginia is an excellent place to begin a farming venture, whether you intend to go big or simply enjoy a small hobby farm. Farm land for sale in Northern Virginia is suitable for various types of farming, including growing grains, fruits, and vegetables, and raising livestock. If you … Continued

How is COVID-19 affecting the Northern Virginia land market?

Unfortunately for those of us in the land business, few organizations have the wherewithal (or motivation?) to track local and regional land sale statistics. So, while there are no shortage of housing market updates, understanding the impact of COVID-19 on local land markets is an altogether different challenge. Perhaps I will work on a solution … Continued