Jonathan, it has been a pleasure for both Richard and me to work with you. You have been honest and helpful from the beginning to the closing of our beautiful 2 acres of land. We sincerely hope that your future endeavor brings you much success.


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Helping local Northern Virginia property owners enrich their lives through the place they call home is always something we love. We’re happy to call Northern Virginia home and look forward to adding your story to our growing list of happy clients.

“He is AMAZING. We highly recommend him as a trusted realtor and a great person!”

Our family was looking to purchase land and had never done so in the past. Hence, we needed someone to guide us through the process. We came across Jonathan’s profile, met him, and knew instantly that he was the best person for the job.

Jonathan was knowledgeable, understanding, informed, and  up-front about each item. He guided us through extensive questions we had about purchasing land, even called county authorities, met us at the site numerous times for various follow ups, and put us in touch with his contacts to help expedite the process of doing due diligence. He is a great listener, very patient, and has your best interest in mind. He isn’t trying to play games or just sell you on something.

We truly could not have found our property without Jonathan. He provided step by step support and explained the process from starting our search to closing on the property. He is AMAZING. We highly recommend him as a trusted realtor and a great person!


We would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone seeking top quality land brokerage services in Northern Virginia.”

By the time we received Jonathan’s flyer in April 2019 we had been interviewing recommended realtors for several months. We have received many direct solicitations over the years but we were now considering a sale and the clarity of his letter prompted us to contact Jonathan. Although the  particular buyers mentioned in the flyer were no longer in the market, Jonathan described the kind of work he did in land sales. In a follow-up phone call, Jonathan showed that he had already researched our property and realized the complexity of the choices we faced in a sale.

By August we had gathered information regarding development options, spoken to numerous county planning officials, surveyors, and engineers, and walked through our house and across our farm with several realtors. But no one seemed sufficiently informed about how the many (and changing) parts that make up a land sale interrelate and consequently could not offer a well-grounded cost/benefit analysis of several options. Even more frustrating, no one expressed enthusiasm for the project coupled with the knowledge that Jonathan had in his initial response to my inquiry.

What was evident at our first meeting in August is that Jonathan enjoys his work and that he uses his impressive analytical skills to address the concerns of clients. He came prepared with a notebook of thoughtfully assembled regulations, planning documents, plats, and soil analyses that covered material relevant to options we were considering. This was no slick, corporate-produced proposal but one tailored to our specific needs. It served as a springboard for our first extensive discussion and distinguished him from other realtors.

Jonathan’s adept handling of the many aspects involved in the sale supported our initial impression of his capabilities. A realistic outlook of what was attainable tempered his creativity. Jonathan was not only nimble in conceptualizing various options but skilled in following through with the required details. He engaged a number of experienced and cost-effective contractors. He had established relationships through courses with agricultural agents and viticulturists; he was willing to broaden that base and his knowledge by attending an industry meeting with me. His contacts among builders, developers, engineers, surveyors, and inspectors sped the process of getting our property to market. He utilized the latest digital tools with ease. At all times Jonathan was sensitive to our limitations with time, costs, and stamina; he smoothly transitioned as we changed plans.

From having an offer far below market value before we engaged a realtor, Jonathan guided the process so that we had three offers within two days of listing that exceeded the list price. And when the sales process lengthened, he remained attentive and upbeat. We saw him interact with a wide range of people and he was always courteous, helpful, and professional.

We were delighted to work with Jonathan on the sale of our house and farmland. It was clear to us that land sales in our area are in transition as the size and location of properties as well as the rules regarding development change. Jonathan possesses the interest, analytical ability, interpersonal skills, and tenacity to excel in this area. We would highly recommend Jonathan to anyone seeking top quality land brokerage services in Northern Virginia.

Suzanne Unger

“The entire time he was flexible, communicative, and helpful. I was happy to have him as my realtor.”

My husband and I worked with Jonathan to purchase our first home. He helped walk us through the process, he searched and found condos that met my rather strict list of must-haves, and was able to help us move the process fast when we needed to do we could purchase the condo we wanted. The entire time he was flexible, communicative, and helpful. I was very happy to have him as my realtor.


“I would urge anyone deal with him if given the chance.”

I wasn’t very knowledgeable of real estate transactions, and very nervous. Jonathan helped ease my nerves, and he was there to diligently answer all the questions and concerns I had and made me feel very at ease about the ordeal. I would not hesitate at all to work with him again, and urge anyone deal with him if given the chance.


“I offer my highest recommendation to Jonathan Kennedy.”

I recently purchased property with Jonathan Kennedy. I would like to express my appreciation for the professionalism, knowledge, honesty, preparation, support and accuracy demonstrated by Jonathan throughout the entire transaction.

All advertising materials and representations were clear and accurate. All financial information, closing estimates and real estate documentation were accurate and honest. The closing on the property occurred without stress, surprise or alteration to representations made.

I received additional support from Jonathan subsequent to purchase as questions arose concerning zoning issues. I contacted Jonathan in the hope that he would have knowledge or information that might help. The response was immediate, accurate and very helpful.

​I offer my highest recommendation to Jonathan Kennedy. I sincerely hope to engage in future transactions with him and will gladly recommend him to my associates and friends.”


“Jonathan always pays close attention to details and is one of the most responsive and articulate people I have ever worked with in my career.”

In early 2017, I received a flyer in the mail from Jonathan Kennedy advertising his specialized land brokerage services. At that time I had some vacant land I was  considering listing for sale, so kept the flyer to think about it.

The next day I called the number on the flyer, thus began my relationship with this very bright, and quite motivated real estate agent. Jonathan was very informative and thorough when explaining how his company operated and by the end of the conversation we had agreed on the contract.

I have worked with him over the past year and have been consistently impressed with his extensive knowledge of the real estate world and how to use all the resources available in the best interest of the client. He is very committed and enthusiastic to all ideas presented to him and contributes thoughtful and well reasoned approaches to difficult situations. For example, since this is a more difficult piece of property to sell, 10 acres of heavily wooded trees and underbrush, Jonathan suggested we partner with an architect for building a home and suggested selling the property and home that way.

Jonathan always pays close attention to details and is one of the most responsive and articulate people I have ever worked with in my career. He clearly loves his work and the creative opportunities available to him in his field. I have found Jonathan to be very efficient, detail oriented, and extremely competent. But most of all I have found Jonathan to be a very good friend

Helen Willingham

Jonathan was professional, efficient, and helpful during our land sale. He has our strong recommendation.