Land for Sale in Fauquier County VA

Looking for land for sale in Fauquier County VA?

If you’re looking for land for sale in Fauquier County VA, you can rely on Jonathan Kennedy’s specialized knowledge of the local land market and trusted relationships with Fauquier County’s best surveyors, soil consultants, builders, and other land professionals.

Fauquier County offers a beautiful escape to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, less than an hour from Washington, DC.

With numerous historical attractions, a thriving wine industry (25 wineries on the Fauquier County wine trail!), and a wide variety of outdoor recreational and agricultural attractions, it’s easy to understand why Fauquier County is one of the fastest growing counties in the United States.

Fauquier County’s landscapes range from open pastures to rolling hills, woodlands, and valleys. The county’s southwest border is bound by the Rappahannock River, which feeds into the Chesapeake Bay. The Shenandoah Valley lies to the west.

There are no particularly large urban centers in Fauquier County. The largest is the Town of Warrenton, with a population of only 9,611 at the 2010 census. Warrenton is also the county seat. The towns of Marshall and The Plains are popular destinations for their quaint atmosphere and convenience to Washington, DC. Both are located just off I-66 heading west from Washington.

Farming and agriculture have a rich history in Fauquier County. The largest dairy farms are concentrated in the south, but the county as a whole remains predominantly rural. You will see evidence of farming and agriculture anywhere you go in Fauquier County.

The county government has programs in place to protect farm land and economically viable agricultural operations. The county government also supports startup farmers through the Northern Piedmont Beginning Farmer Program.

What to expect when shopping for land for sale in Fauquier County VA?

During the past year, there were roughly 110 land sales in Fauquier County recorded in the MLS. Not surprisingly, the price of land for sale in Fauquier county tends to decrease as you move further away from the Washington metropolitan area.

The most affordable land for sale in Fauquier County VA is concentrated in the southern and western reaches of the county, in and around towns like Midland, Bealeton, Remington, and Summerduck, Linden. In these areas you can find residential lots for under $50,000.

There are still relatively inexpensive residential lots to be had in Warrenton. Out of 30 land sales in Warrenton in 2019, almost half involved parcels that sold for $200,000 or less. Larger acreage, of course, commands higher prices. Expect to pay north of $200,000 for anything greater than 10 acres.

Land values in Marshall, The Plains, and neighboring towns are a little higher. It is still possible to pay under $200,000, but most land sales in the past year were above $300,000.

The highest priced land sales in Fauquier County in 2019 involved large parcels of land (100+ acres) in Marshall, Warrenton, Delaplane, and The Plains, with some sales fetching almost $3,000,000.  

The variety of land for sale in Fauquier County VA ranges from agricultural and farm land to single residential building lots, multi-site residential development opportunities, and commercial land. Agricultural, farm, and residential land sales accounted for the majority of land sales in Fauquier County in 2019.

Why trust Jonathan Kennedy when it comes to finding the best land for sale in Fauquier County?

Great question!

Jonathan Kennedy is the Principal Broker of LandReady Real Estate, an Accredited Land Consultant, and two-time recipient of the Realtors Land Institute Apex Producers Award. He has been buying, selling, and investing in real estate since 2013 and has sold more than $30M of land in Northern Virginia.

Past clients have described Jonathan as “Creative,” “Diligent,” “Efficient,” “Detail Oriented,” “Honest,” “Thoughtful,” “Committed,” “Enthusiastic,” “Responsive,” “Resourceful,” and Extremely Competent.

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