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It’s an unfortunate truth: Land and rural property owners don’t get the representation they deserve. 

  • Only a small minority of all real estate agents have specialized education in land brokerage
  • Even fewer have actually represented a buyer or seller in a land transaction
  • And fewer still have bought or sold land for their own investment purposes
Combined with the fact that, across the board, the majority of real estate agents still rely on outdated marketing strategies from 10 years ago, it’s no surprise that land and rural property owners get a raw deal. 

Hi, I’m Jonathan Kennedy

I’ve spent the better part of seven years building a real estate business I can truly call my own—one that aligns with my aptitudes, personality, and core values.
Land brokerage has been central to my business, partly because I love the outdoors and partly because I enjoy researching land records and connecting the dots to help my clients make sensible, informed decisions.

“Jonathan always pays close attention to details and is one of the most responsive and articulate people I have ever worked with in my career.”

“I would urge anyone deal with him if given the chance.”

“I have found Jonathan to be very efficient, detail oriented, and extremely competent. But most of all I have found Jonathan to be a very good friend”

I’m not trying to beat up on other agents, but…

You have to ask yourself, how is your agent going to respond when a buyer calls and asks questions like:
  • Is this property subject to rollback taxes?
  • Can you recommend a lender who offers farm land and agricultural financing?
  • Can you recommend a lender who offers construction financing?
  • Is there a septic certification letter on file for this property?
  • Can I subdivide this property?
  • Does the zoning of this property allow for [insert intended use]?
  • Is this property located in an AG district?
  • Does this property have access to public water and sewer?
  • How much will it cost to connect to the sewer?
  • Can you recommend a good surveyor? Soil scientist? Engineer? Builder?
  • What kind of animals can I have on this property?
  • Can I sell the timber from this property?
  • Are there any environmental considerations that would affect what I can do with this property?
  • Are there any easements affecting this property?
  • When was the property last surveyed?
  • Are there any protected or endangered species living on this property?
  • Can I plant [insert crop] on this property?
  • How deep will I have to drill to get well water?
  • Can I get internet service at this property?
  • Can I add a separate guest house to this property?

These are all questions I’ve received during the past several years I’ve been selling land…


The problem is, if your agent doesn’t know how to answer these questions — or worse yet, provides incorrect or misleading information — it can cost you the sale or lead to inaccurate property valuations that cost you TENS if not HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars.
Fortunately, a lot of these questions can be answered ahead of time with thorough investigative research. But it takes time, hard work, and specialized experienced. Frankly, it takes the type of effort that few agents are prepared to give.

On average, it costs me $819 in time and materials to produce, print, and ship your Comprehensive Property Evaluation & Customized Marketing Plan.

Let’s be clear: This is not your run-of-the-mill property valuation. Your spiral-bound report will be delivered via FedEx and may include 100+ pages of research that is 100% unique to your property:
1. Copies of all files obtained through archival research at county health, planning, and zoning departments.

I will personally visit the relevant county offices to obtain comprehensive records relating to your property. This research alone could yield soil investigations, drainfield approvals, and survey work you didn’t know existed and could add instant value to your property.

2. Open source GIS research to identify anything such as flood zones, wetlands, easements, protected areas, and other factors that could affect the value of your property.

You will receive copies of GIS maps showing anything that comes up during my research, along with my professional evaluation of the findings.

3. Summary of all comparable sales and active listings within a 3 mile radius of your property within the past 12 months.

I will highlight specific sales and listings that are most comparable for valuation purposes, and I will explain why I selected those properties. I will evaluate things like zoning, lot yields (if applicable), physical similarities, conservation easements, and land use status.

4. Detailed marketing plan that describes exactly what I will do to sell your property for top dollar.

Among other things, my marketing plans include targeted Facebook video advertising to reach audiences of 20,000+ in under 2 weeks, map-based interactive tours using the latest land/rural property listing tools and platforms, aerial videos & photography, highly targeted direct mail campaigns, and much more…

Wow, That Sounds Like a Lot of Great Information, Sign Me Up!

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Who will benefit the most from this offer?

If you own any of the following types of properties and are thinking about selling this year, then my Comprehensive Property Evaluation & Customized Marketing Plan can help you avoid common pitfalls and yield actionable intelligence to maximize the sale price of your property. 

  • Residential, agricultural, commercial land
  • Farms, country estates, recreational properties
  • Single family homes with acreage
  • Suburban estate homes with extra land that may be subdivided to add value
  • Urban & suburban infill development sites

Positioning these types of properties for maximum market impact requires diligent research, specialized knowledge of land and the factors that affect land values, unique marketing strategies, and – sometimes – additional support from engineers, surveyors, soil scientists, and other land professionals.

Let me share a few real world case studies that show how other property owners have benefited from my Comprehensive Property Evaluation:

Case Study # 1.

A client in Vienna, Virginia, attempted to sell his house and the adjoining lot that he also owned. He did not know that a prior addition to his house had resulted in a lot line encroachment. Had we not discovered the encroachment during the property evaluation phase and corrected it by way of a lot line adjustment, he would not have been able to provide clear title to the property. As an added bonus, the lot line adjustment increased the value of the adjoining lot by creating a larger building envelope, ultimately putting more money in my client’s pocket. 

Case Study # 2.

As I was researching health department archives for a property in Loudoun County, I came across a document from the early 1990s that referenced the existence of an abandoned storage tank buried on the property. In fact, the property owner had removed the tank some years ago, but due to a clerical error the county had no record of it. Armed with this information, we were able to proactively address a concern that would surely arise during a buyer’s feasibility study.

Case Study # 3.

Sometimes archival research turns up information that suggests a property is particularly well-suited for a certain (or alternative) use. A recent property evaluation uncovered historical records of “notably high crop yields” on land belonging to my clients. We already knew the property had good residential development potential, but this revelation highlighted the need to simultaneously advertise its agricultural value.

I recently purchased property with Jonathan Kennedy. I would like to express my appreciation for the professionalism, knowledge, honesty, preparation, support and accuracy demonstrated by Jonathan throughout the entire transaction. I received additional support from Jonathan subsequent to purchase as questions arose concerning zoning issues. I contacted Jonathan in the hope that he would have knowledge or information that might help. The response was immediate, accurate and very helpful.

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