Watch us spec build a home in Lovettsville, Virginia – Part 1

Watch us build a home in Lovettsville, Virginia - part 1

Follow us in real time as we build a home in Loudoun County!

Special thanks to Joshua Reynolds of Greenway Engineering for taking the plunge with me on this project!

ROUGH VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Hey guys, I’m out here in Loudoun County, and I’m actually at a site that I just purchased with a business partner. The site is on Mountain Road, and what we’re planning to do with this site is put up a home, and hopefully sell the home and make a little profit.

The reason we liked this site is because I’ve noticed over the past several months – with everything going on with COVID – that there has been a noticeable uptick in people who are looking for homes out here in this part of the county. That applies to Lovettsville specifically, and beyond that to other parts of western Loudoun County where people can get away from the city and live in the countryside.

The appeal of living out here is that there are plenty of larger lots. This one, for example, is four acres, and the one across the street is 10 acres. A lot of the homes out here are on larger lots like this.

The other thing we like about this site is that there are a couple of new home communities just a couple of miles up the road from here. The home sales in those communities support the sale price that we’re hoping to get for the home we’re going to put on this site. So, that’s pretty good from our perspective.

To give you a little more information about the site, you might be able to see behind me that we are in the foothills of the Short Hill Mountain (if not, then the photo below shows you what I’m talking about).

Feasibility Considerations

The site has a couple of challenges that we have to work around, so we wrote our offer with a feasibility period that gave us time to do some due diligence.

There are two main issues with the site. The first is that we weren’t sure what the soils were going to look like and what kind of drainfield or septic system we would be able to get approved. To answer that question we did some soil evaluations.

The second issue is that there are potentially some wetlands (NOT to be confused with flood plains — the site is not in a flood hazard area).

Fortunately, our soil scientist has been able to locate an area that should be suitable for a five bedroom alternative drain field location. An alternative system is not ideal because it will be more expensive to install, but if we can get five bedrooms, then we can maximize the home size and hopefully get a better sale price for the home. So, I think we’re okay with that outcome.

With the wetlands, we knew going into this (thanks to Loudoun County’s WebLogis Online Mapping System) that there would potentially be issues with wetlands.

To figure out the wetlands, we hired an environmental consultant who came out to the site and delineated the boundaries of the wetlands. This confirmed the existence of the wetlands, but the good news is that the wetlands are not super extensive. Hopefully the worst case scenario is that we have some additional permitting fees to take into consideration, but we do not anticipate anything that would be a deal breaker.

So, that’s about it. I’ll check in periodically as we proceed with the project. We’re hoping this will be an eight- to ten-month turnaround. Hopefully this will be helpful for anyone thinking about buying land and building a home in Northern Virginia. Stay tuned!

P.S. – Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about buying land and building a home in Loudoun County or elsewhere in Northern Virginia. Call/text 202-750-4050 or email

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