5 Benefits of Selling your Northern Virginia Home in Winter

Conventional wisdom holds that spring and summer are the best seasons to sell a house, but there are several advantages to selling your Northern Virginia home in the winter.

If you’re considering selling your home, you may want to consider this less popular time of year–even if the weather doesn’t always cooperate.

Less Competition

Winter sees inventory dip in many markets. This means that people who are shopping for a home have fewer options. However, as a seller, this lower inventory benefits you because you have less competition when selling your home.

This means you could get more interest in your home than if you were selling at the same time as a bunch of other people, and your home could fetch a higher price than when inventory is higher in the summer months.

Show Buyers that your Home Stands up to Winter Weather

If you sell in the summer, it can be tough for buyers to envision how your home will stand up to winter weather.

Things like indoor temperature control, how easy it is to shovel snow from the driveway, and whether your roof piles up with snow are easy to show off in the winter months. This allows potential buyers to picture how much they’re going to spend on heating and how much (or little) work the home will demand in harsh weather.

Plus, if you have special features such as a fireplace, a heated patio, or a hot tub, those will be more attractive to buyers when it’s cold outside.

Attract Up-Sizers

Typically, fall is the time for a baby boom. This means that many families grew by at least one person and, as a result, may be feeling a little squeezed in their current homes.

These young families may begin their search in the winter, eager to get out of their smaller home and into something more spacious.

More Serious Buyers

If you’re shopping for a home in the snow and cold weather, then that says something about motivation.

On the other hand, summer can bring out a lot of curious neighbors and casual shoppers. This means a lot of traffic and views on your listings, but a lot of these leads will not materialize. Dealing with these tire kickers quickly becomes frustrating.

Those who are house hunting and attending showings in the winter are more likely to buy and, as a result, give you a better chance of making a quick sale.

Year-End Bonuses

Many workers get large year-end bonuses. A nice bonus might be enough to get some buyers off the fence and actively looking for a new home.

By listing in the winter, you can capture the attention of home shoppers who have money burning a hole in their pockets.

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